Fabric Line Pro saddle Shallow | black-black

Fabric Line Pro saddle Shallow | black-black

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  • 638259
  • FA-SAD-0070
  • 038675114968

Fabric Line Pro saddle Shallow | black-black

Shallow is for everybody
The Shallow-profile has a rounded down rear end and a medium padding. This profile is built for the bent forward rider in the most natural position. With the bar usually slightly lower then the saddle, the Shallow helps to put the riders weight similarly between saddle and bar for comfortable touring.

Rugged and flexible
The glued upper material is very easy to clean and extremly rugged.

Innovative Design
Compression and tension are eliminated by the unique threeparted construction, which usually show up on conventional hard säddles with overstretched upper material. This is accomplished by applicating waterproof microfibre-material directly onto the flexible rack. A more soft foamed material can be used, which provides overall more comfort.

Raise your Endurance
The basic design of the Line saddle rests on the Scoop saddle. The Line though features an extra layer of waterproof Padding, which has a decompression drain all the way from nose to rear. By that the Arteria pudenda gets less pressured. The Line specifically is laid-out for more comfort on long rides and tough days in the saddle.


  • Award-winning manufacturing technology
  • Flexible Rack and soft foamed material
  • Decompression drain nose to rear
  • Suitable for all types of biking
  • Multiple winner at „Best in Test“
  • Rack: Carbon (9x 7mm)
  • Seat: Flexible Nylon
  • Cover: Microfibre
  • Profil: Shallow
  • Weight: 183g
  • Width: 142mm
  • Lenght: 282mm
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